Thursday, September 10, 2009

More signs of hope on the job front

Weekly unemployment claims are falling...

Employment tax deposits are rising this month compared to August...

Average daily tax deposits in August were higher than July...


MortgageAngel said...

Shouldn't we consider the following as well?
- Census 2010 will be responsible for creating approx 1.5 million temporary jobs this year.
- Revised jobless claims for July = 2.240mil Aug = 2.265mil
- The 4 week average for jobless claims rose last week to 571,250.The highest we've seen in 8 weeks.
Maybe the glass is not as full as it appears to be. Your thoughts on this?

Mike Norman said...

Yes, it still looks too close to call. However, the way we end this month might very well provide us with a clue.